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Weight Lost By Eating Ebook

Published in Ebooks, Healthy Food, Nutrition, Weight Loss on 29th December 2017

​​Weight Lost By Eating Ebook​“You Can Lose Weight In Record Time, WITHOUT Being Hungry, Tired Or Weak!” (And you don’t have to deprive yourself!)   Have you tried to go on a diet to lose weight, only to find that despite the hunger and frustration, you didn’t manage to lose any weight? Trying to lose weight is […]

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What Is The Food Pyramid And 5 Reasons It Is Important

Published in Healthy Food, Mentality, Nutrition, Weight Loss on 26th December 2017

The food pyramid has always played a big role in sustaining well-balanced and healthy eating habits. It is the best visual reference for the foods you should eat, the amounts that should be consumed and the value of adding nutrients to your diet on a daily basis. Developed in 1991 after an extensive consumer research […]

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Your New Years Weight Loss Resolution Ebook

Published in Ebooks, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Workouts on 22nd December 2017

​Your New Years Weight Loss Resolution Ebook​Are you tired of failed new year’s weight loss resolutions that leave you even more overweight than ever before? Do you feel like a failure because you are unable to stick to any diet?   FACT Between 60% and 98% of American adults will be on a diet at some point […]

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Why Calories Burned Is Only Part of The Weight Loss Equation

Published in Exercise, Mentality, Nutrition, Weight Loss on 19th December 2017

Most weight loss sites have oversimplified the weight loss equation including calories burned. If you ask some of the so-called fitness experts, they’ll implore you to eat fewer calories than you burn. The conversation often goes something like this: “A pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Simply eat 500 calories less each day, […]

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Metabolism Masterclass Ebook

Published in Ebooks, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Workouts on 15th December 2017

​Metabolism Masterclass EbookAre You Sick And Tired Of All The Fat-Burning Tricks And Trends That Just Don’t Deliver? Well, get set to discover the easy, safe, fast and permanent way to mega-charge your metabolism and lose excess fat once and for all in this ebook! This weight blasting method Is Easy AND Natural… And will give […]

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5 Surprising Facts About The Atkins Diet

Published in Mentality, Nutrition, Weight Loss on 12th December 2017

Anyone who has followed the atkins diet can attest to the benefits that a low-carbohydrate lifestyle brings. Whether you are looking for the best way to reach your fitness goal or weight loss tips for maintaining your ideal weight, the atkins diet has proven effective for many people. Here are 5 surprising facts about the […]

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Weight Loss Diets Explained Ebook

Published in Ebooks, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Workouts on 5th December 2017

Weight Loss Diets Explained EbookPopular Diets Exposed And What To Avoid! Fad diets just do not work. Most people who go on a diet are looking for instant gratification but in reality healthy weight loss diets will show you that if you are going to lose the weight and keep it off the process will be […]

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